School Council

Our School Council is elected annually in the autumn term and its members are made up of pupils from Years 2 to 6.

The School Council meets on a monthly basis to discuss new ideas.

The election process is very exciting for the children and they thoroughly enjoy campaigning for votes. They make speeches to the whole school stating why they should be voted onto the council.

The children believe being on the school council is an important job and they take it very seriously!

On Election Day each child is given their own polling card which they hand to the ‘Clerk’ in exchange for a ballot paper for completion.

The nervous wait then begins for the candidates and the children get very excited waiting to hear the results!

To date, the School Council have been responsible for:

  • Organising a ‘Marcle’s got Talent’ Show.
  • Helping organise Macmillan Coffee Mornings and serving cakes on the day.
  • Raising money for the school by holding book sales.
  • Having mirrors installed in the children’s toilets.
  • Organising a competition to design the artwork for a ‘Buddy Bench’ and raising the money to buy the paint by holding a ‘Bad Hair Day’.

We are very proud of all their hard work!

Our School Councillors for 2023/24

On the day of an election, each class lines up to collect their voting papers from the Clerk, Mrs Allard.

We have to think very seriously about who we want to vote for and make sure no one could see who we had voted for.

We also have to make sure we put the right voting paper in the right ballot box!