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I’ve started my first year in college now and me and my primary school friends still remember the days back in Much Marcle primary very well. its the best primary school i could have asked to go to, and look forward to hopefully visiting in the future.

Rating: Excellent

Liam Chester

08 Nov 2022

I came to your school yesterday to sign up a learner. I was made extremely welcome and asked twice if there was anything I needed.

Rating: Excellent

Andrea Brittain (Hoople Ltd)

13 Feb 2019

Hello, I am a former student here. I am now in year 7. After moving to somerset (I go to Chilton Trinity) I very much pondered how all the folks at Much marcle has got on. Particulary the former Class 2. Thanks to every one. Still got all the wards you gave me!

Rating: Excellent

Rory Stephens

11 Apr 2018

I really miss the school but all of their help has got me prepared for high school and also I miss the teachers who have made me who I am.

Rating: Excellent

Chris Simpson

24 Jul 2017

Ever since I left that primary school I felt sad but they gave me help when I needed it and all the teachers are amazing people. I miss the school but I moved on. Thank you to all the teachers and support they gave me.

Rating: Excellent

Victoria Kocieba

14 Feb 2017

Many thanks to the choir, Mrs Harrison, Miss Snasdell, parents and grandparents who supported us on Saturday 10th December in St Michael’s, Ledbury. The choir sang beautifully and behaved impeccably. I do hope they will join us again. Happy Christmas to all.

Rating: Excellent

Jane Chaundy Cradley Singers Chairman

12 Dec 2016

What a lovely website you have, I am doing some temporary admin for the education department and checking we have up to date information and your website is one of the best I have seen so far. Let me say as a grandma and mum I would love my children’s schools to have such an informative, attractive and welcoming website. Well done to you all, Sheila.

Rating: Excellent

Sheila Bradford

10 Oct 2016

Ever since I have left much marcle I have felt sad, it supported me a lot. I miss much marcle it was a great school!

Rating: Excellent

Elise Mallinson

06 Jul 2016

So proud of our school! To be watching children in need and see Much Marcle school being shouted out at the bottom of the screen announcing there huge fundraising success. With a tear in my eye, well done all at Much Marcle!

Rating: Excellent

The Skidmore's

13 Nov 2015

I used to be at much marcle primary school, but now that ive moved on i miss this school so much! its an amazing place to be, as you should know that its an outstanding school. you get to be with all your friends and all the teachers are really nice!

Rating: Excellent

Louisa Walker

27 Nov 2014

What a lovely impression this site gives of your school. I have also had the pleasure of speaking to staff who were helpful and friendly. I am looking forward to my visit in November.

Rating: Excellent

Jan Brant

23 Oct 2014

A lovely website; very helpful as I’m currently looking for schools for my daughter. On Mumsnet it said I should check the data dashboard (?) for your school – what it this please? I’ve googled it but I’m not sure what it means! [Ed: It is an Ofsted initiative (since defunct)]

Rating: Excellent

Holly Meredith

08 Apr 2014

My mother attended Much Marcle school about 1922 to 1928. I have the prizes she won whilst there.

Rating: Excellent

Joyce Forward

22 Nov 2013

We attended a lovely church service led by pupils from Class 4 this morning. Well done to all the children and teachers.

Rating: Excellent

Jo Hackman

30 Sep 2013

I love everything about this school. There are lots of friends to play with and the teachers make you good at stuff. I have been in this school for a long time and I never want to leave.

Rating: Excellent

Molly Schofield

18 Nov 2012

Keep up the good work. from a ex pupil. from 1946 to 1956.

Rating: Excellent

Chris Lancett

20 May 2012

My daughter transferred to much marcle mid term in reception back on 2010, to a class of lots of boys and just her. Both the teachers and pupils did an excellent job of helping her to settle in. I would recommend much marcle to any parent.

Rating: Excellent


07 Apr 2012

I have enjoyed taking part in all the school has offered and will with whats to come. I have especially loved netball and getting to try new sports in P.E. I love the website.

Rating: Excellent

Poppy Park

31 Jan 2012

Spent the Best night with class 4 at the LG Arena monday 28th november 2011. congratulations to Miss Guest and to the pupils you did your school and familys proud. My husband, Myself and parents would gladly do it again.

Rating: Excellent

Mr and Mrs Baldwin

29 Nov 2011

The school looks amazing and so does the website. i miss much marcle so much and wish i could come back.

Rating: Excellent

Mollie Heath

25 Oct 2011

Hi eveyone at much marcle. i hope you all have a wonderful time at school. hope you have fun without the year 6 at school!

Rating: Excellent

Heidi Boucher

25 Jul 2011

Wow, what a great looking nursery, cant wait to come and look around my little boy would love it.

Rating: Excellent

Claire Felton

29 May 2011

The web site is wonderful.

Rating: Excellent

Addie Vine

14 May 2011

I really liked doing the pirate parade on 17/3/11 and i like doing other things to raise money for charity too!

Rating: Excellent


17 Mar 2011

I have really enjoyed visiting your website and seeing how happy you all look.

Rating: Excellent

Felicity Weeks

05 Mar 2011

Hi everyone my son daniel has been at much marcle school for nearly a year and he has come on leaps and bounds. this is thanks to the head, teachers and the other pupils who all work together to make the school a happy place to be.

Rating: Excellent

Lynette Baldwin

15 Feb 2011

I am missing everyone in much marcle. the website is great especially the picture of mr greaves by ed. hope all your teams win.

Rating: Excellent

Hennessy Vine

26 Jan 2011

My eldest son is currently in Reception at Much Marcle and is coming on in leaps and bounds, people regularly comment on his good manners and politeness. I would recommend Much Marcle to any parent who asked me. It is an outstanding school.

Rating: Excellent

Georgina Lineham

23 Jan 2011

Exellent all the teachers are great and i love all my friends. its nice to be in a school that uses their values properly and treats the children with respect.

Rating: Excellent

Daniel Baldwin

28 Dec 2010

I went to much marcle years ago, miss everything about it! Great website, nice to see whats happening at the school nowadays!

Rating: Excellent

Ella Cockerton

13 Dec 2010

We think that the pictures of the teachers are really good. We think the school is fantastic and the school website is brilliant.

Rating: Excellent

Harry and Freddie Unthank

21 Nov 2010

Thanks for 7 years at much marcle i will miss everyone.

Rating: Excellent

Joe Cotton

20 Jun 2010

Tom has had a wonderful time at your school, he’s really enjoyed himself and has come on in leaps and bounds! He is well and truly ready for that leap to secondary school, very confident and relaxed about it all. Thank you for having him and the leaver’s service and pictures were fabulous too.

Rating: Excellent

Julie Simpson

20 Jun 2010

I like the school website it is excellent.

Rating: Excellent

Ann Heath

10 Jun 2010

I love my school it is freindly i have loads of friends and some family there. i love the pictures.

Rating: Excellent


16 May 2010

I really enjoyed world book day and i love coming on this website. The school is very nice friendly and all the people are nice.

Rating: Excellent


04 Mar 2010

Love the website! Its surprising how much i miss this place, it’s a great school.

Rating: Excellent

Sophie Jones

10 Jan 2010

School is shut at the moment because we have lots of snow. We are having a great time looking at the school website and like the pictures. We think the website is great.

Rating: Excellent

Evie and Archie Houghton

06 Jan 2010

I thought the school play was excellent and happy new year to everyone.

Rating: Excellent

Kathy Heath

02 Jan 2010

The website is great I love the pictures you have shown on the website.

Rating: Excellent

Ellen Berry

23 Dec 2009

Super Fantastic! Have just got back from watching your Christmas play and thought it was brilliant, loved the music, thought the singing was beautiful and the acting was superb! Can’t wait for the next one!

Rating: Excellent

Kirsty Pugh

10 Dec 2009

Although I have not been a student at the school since 2004 I feel really happy to see that others are still engoying the brilliant atmosphere of much marcle primary school as I did. Thank you MM!

Rating: Excellent


24 Nov 2009

I am poorly at home today but looking at the great web site and seeing all my friends makes me feel better.

Rating: Excellent

Amelia Farnell

20 Oct 2009

Loving the new school website, It’s great to see what everyone’s been up to.

Rating: Excellent

Katherine Berry

02 Aug 2009

What a fantastic school play! There is some debate in our house over if it was the best one ever. We are going to miss Much Marcle School but look forward to keeping an eye on the website.

Rating: Excellent

Sally Clark

09 Jul 2009

I just want to say I miss Much Marcle! And i love the website.

Rating: Excellent

Lizzie Salusbury

21 May 2009

Great to see how much this amazing school has changed since i was there. i have so many brilliant memories from this school!

Rating: Excellent

Zoe Hutton

14 May 2009

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the reception class teachers, who have helped Ben so much. In November he wouldn’t pick up a pen. Now? He’s a different child. Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience. He now loves school and seeing you all.

Rating: Excellent

Julie Simpson

13 May 2009

I love the website – it is fantastic. The home work is really helping me in school, I love the pictures they are so cool!

Rating: Excellent

Millie Park

12 May 2009

Nice to see Lizzie still on the website, scoffing a sandwich! Hope the new term has started well. Rob and Lizzie Salusbury are settled back in their old school in Oxford – but we all miss Much Marcle too!

Rating: Excellent

Priscilla Goldby

30 Apr 2009

Well done everyone on your hard work this term. What a great triumph for the football and netball teams. See you next term. Mrs Harrison.

Rating: Excellent

Mrs Harrison

27 Mar 2009

The Pugh family came to look around your school today with a view to our eldest son Harry starting and we just wanted to say how much we enjoyed ourselves. Your school has a wonderful vibe you should all, teachers and children be very proud of what you are achieving.

Rating: Excellent

Kirsty Pugh

06 Mar 2009

Hello, great website, nice to see what the school has done since I left.

Rating: Excellent

Victoria Park

04 Mar 2009

I love the pictures of the staff.

Rating: Excellent

Fletcher Vine

01 Mar 2009

The new school website is brilliant. All the pictures are great.

Rating: Excellent

Alexandia Walker

06 Feb 2009

I love the school website because it has lots of information and I like the pictures of the teachers.

Rating: Excellent

Alice Unthank

03 Feb 2009

What a change for the better! This website is great and very informative.

Rating: Excellent

Carol Leigh

02 Feb 2009


Rating: Excellent

Tom Stone

04 Jan 2009

Wonderful website. I can’t wait to come and see you all.

Rating: Excellent

Sharron Goode

30 Dec 2008

I like the website and the pictures of the teachers, they are very good. I also like the pictures of my friends on the website, they are nice.

Rating: Excellent

Evie Houghton

20 Dec 2008

Loving the links for homework help – and that all my friends and family can look what is going on in our school.

Rating: Excellent

Imogen Massey

17 Dec 2008

Glad Much Marcle is finally up on the world wide web – then all my cousins can see what I have been up to at my school.

Rating: Excellent

Joel Massey

17 Dec 2008

One of the best websites i’ve seen in my life.

Rating: Excellent

Thomas Simpson

17 Dec 2008

Great website, love the pictures. Its great to see what the kids thought about school too.

Rating: Excellent

William Park

16 Dec 2008

Fantastic! What a great site! Useful information with lots of great pictures.

Rating: Excellent

Nicola Skidmore

15 Dec 2008

What a fantastic website! It’s lovely for the children to be part of such a well designed site and great for the parents to keep up with what’s happening at school.

Rating: Excellent

Sally Clark

14 Dec 2008

Emily was very keen to show us the school web site once it had been relaunched and I must admit it is a truly excellent site, with some great pictures and articles about the children.

Rating: Excellent

Jeff Arlott

12 Dec 2008